About us

by The Storytellers MTL



Since the beginning of our love story, we’ve always been driven by the passion of travel. Like most people of our generation, we are eager for adventures. We believe that each journey changes us for the better and brings us something unique. So we created a platform to share our love of travel with other adventure enthusiasts, first on Instagram and then on our Website.

Both Law graduates, at the end of our studies, we decided to leave the beaten path and create a dream job for ourselves. Why? Because we want to continue to explore the world by doing something that fascinates us. The planet is our office, then work becomes the vessel of our ambitions and not strictly an obligation. Lovers of words and photography, our two passions came together to give life to The Storytellers MTL, a blog where we share our favorite travel destinations and our local discoveries in Montreal and across Canada. We love to make you travel through our journeys across the world, but also by the extraordinary gastronomic and cultural experiences we live in our home country in order to have a more ecological tourism approach.

Our mission is to show that travel is a lifestyle accessible to all and that it’s not necessary to live in its luggage permanently to be a nomad at heart. We also prove that it’s possible to travel to destinations as varied as beautiful when you are well informed. Curiosity, authenticity, openness and collaboration are the values ​​that guide our creative process.

You can also follow our adventures in every issue of Mieux-Être Magazine, where we write travel articles since February 2018.

Have a nice trip on our platform and welcome to our community! 🙂