Belém Tower, Portugal

The Belém tower deluge

by The Storytellers MTL

Portugal is usually known for its warmth and good weather. Unfortunately for us, our stay in Lisbon and Belém was under the clouds and the rain.

Despite this bad weather, we thought that unlike the majority of people who experienced this city under the sun, we had the opportunity to see it from another angle. It’s therefore armed with our umbrellas that we went to visit the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Jerónimos Monastery) by tram.

As we arrived, we were rather happy to have the opportunity to observe the city under this morose temperature. The sound of the water flowing over the centennial stones of the monument only intensified the great stories that existed between its walls.

Despite the constant rain falling on Lisbon that day, we decided to continue our route to admire and visit the famous Belém tour. We were breathtaken by the powerful waves that broke against the marble surrounding the tower making a huge crash noise. Soaked from head to toe, we still decided to approach the tower as close as possible to see it stand against the torrents of nature. After centuries of unshakable strength, she still protects the beauty of this incredible city.

Even though we could not visit the interior of the tower and see the city from the top of it, we will remember our visit for a long time. We can’t always choose the perfect moment to travel. Sometimes we are constrained by our work schedule, the balance of our bank account or by the availability of our travel partners. But let us tell you that there is something inspiring to discover a city under a grayer face, to see its beauty despite the bad weather and to appreciate its slower pace. The waves, the rain, the cemetery of broken umbrellas and the elegance of the tower will remain engraved in our memories of this unforgettable day.

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