Crazy Magic Love in London

by The Storytellers MTL

Between the discovery of Westminster Abbey’s treasured treasures, the troubled walls of the Tower of London, our Sherlock Holmes missions, our tasting of the finest English cocktails, our foray into the 40s, our admission to Hogwarts and our long walks between Hyde Park and St. James Park, our brains stopped spinning. It felt so good! Was it because we were out of our daily lives or simply because the London frenzy and the disarming confidence of these citizens inspired us?

It’s subway, work and sleep in London too. Nevertheless, there is a je-ne- sais-quoi among Londoners who perspire happiness on a larger scale. People are smiling more, they run less quickly out of the subway, they watch what’s going on around them more than the screen of their phone. Life always seems a little greener on the other side, but the English still seem to have learned to take their time better than North Americans. This wave of contagious well-being, we had already felt when we were in Greece. Yes, despite the economic crisis. This country where the sun is more than an occasional visitor. Yet we also felt it in the city that is said to be the rainiest in the world. It may be a coincidence, but we did not receive a single drop of rain during our stay.

It’s probably just a lucky coincidence, like the fireworks during our ascent of the London Eye. Do you remember the last time a sweet coincidence crossed your path? Quietly, without expectations. That feeling that you are in the right place at the right time with the right person. The intuition that this city can tell you a lot in a short time. The certainty that you are there for a good reason, simply. During this short respite, we did not need to think about putting ourselves in pause mode. We were strangers in the most vibrant city in the world. We were totally carried away by London and its uniqueness. We had just gotten engaged and the city completely bewitched us.

Time goes so fast when every street corner, every detour, every glance amazes us and takes us by surprise. When time stops and we remember that we are lucky despite everything. When we stop being on the autopilot. When we realize that what makes sense is to live for those moments when you eat the best Thai pad of your life in a little
English pub with the person you love. When you wander in a park with no time limit, when you breathe fresh air with great puffs, when you get lost in the small streets and it becomes your favorite moment of the trip. When you see fireworks everywhere without physically seeing them.

Thank you London. For your craziness, your magic and your light.


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