Escaping the ordinary at Dorwin Falls

by The Storytellers MTL

Honestly, is there really a better time to be in Canada than in the fall? You guessed it’s our favorite season. Seriously, who does not like reading a good novel with the sound of rain and the smell of a tasty soup in the background?

With the temperature cooling comes the return of the woolen shirts, felt hats and the apple picking tradition. It’s also the time of year when nature displays its best clothes and its resplendent colors. There are thousands of reasons to love this flamboyant season, as well as incredible places to visit nearby.

Dorwin Falls is one of our favorite places to clear our mind during a walk in the woods, especially in the fall. This is the perfect spot to enjoy the moment, to refocus and to forget the files pile that await us in the office on Monday morning. Located in Rawdon, on the Ouareau River, Dorwin Falls are absolutely beautiful as are the surrounding hiking trails. Fresh air, majestic landscape, the sound of the waves, peaceful nature, do you need more? Native American legends and endless pine forest will also populate your fall getaway.

Among our other favorites autumnal spots, we also suggest you to take a trip to Jean-Larose Falls, the Acropole des Draveurs and to Armagh Falls if you plan to go around Quebec City. If it was not in your plans, add this little road trip to your schedule! It’s always good, it’s promised!

Although we love fall, it’s often a season where it can be harder to travel. Airfare prices are often cheaper from September to November, but many tropical destinations are in their rainy or hurricane season. As for Europe, it’s ideal, but you still need to be able to take off from work just after the summer vacation. We must find ways to stay amazed while stimulating our desire for adventure with what we can. It’s often forgotten, but Quebec is full of splendid mountains, impressive falls and unique peaceful havens. Rent a cottage with your gang in a region you don’t know yet and dare to explore!

Happy autumn discoveries!

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