European gastronomic getaway for Montreal foodies

by The Storytellers MTL

Holidays are right around the corner so are the many pictures of your entourage exploring the globe. If you can’t afford to travel this summer, a staycation in Montreal can also be a cultural and gastronomic getaway. We suggest you 5 fabulous Montreal restaurants to transport your taste buds in the heart of the Mediterranean. Barcelona, ​​Rome and Porto are hidden among the neighborhoods’s treasures of your favorite metropolis and you have to discover them this summer!



Meson – 345 Villeray, Montréal, QC H2R 1G8

After celebrating MJ’s 25th birthday and our engagement brunch there, we had no choice but to introduce you to Meson, a very special Spanish restaurant for us. Authentic tasty tapas, a simply decadent brunch menu and an enchanting decor, that’s what you’ll get when you visit this charming restaurant. Under the direction of Marie-Fleur St-Pierre, the famous owner of Tapeo, you will discover exquisite cod croquettes, incredible churros, exotic cocas and a more than friendly staff! Nestled in the heart of Villeray, this is a unique place to try again often!

Sorroco – 4621 Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L4

We discovered the Sorroco by chance on our way to see a play at Rideau Vert. As this restaurant was located a few meters away, we didn’t think twice and decided to go eat there. We were immediately charmed by the warm welcome of the employees and the beauty of the place. Sorroco is a fusion of Spanish and Scottish culture that offers a variety of tasty tapas, where you can find seafood, chorizo ​​and croquetas from Spain, but also scotchs eggs and fish and chips from the English and Scottish cuisine. Whether it’s before a romantic cultural outing, a girls’ night out, or simply to taste some new and delicious tapas, the Sorroco will have everything to satisfy you.

Beatrice –1504 Sherbrooke W, Montréal, QC H3G 1L3

Definitely one of our all-time favorite! For a true romantic getaway in the heart of Verona’s gardens, go to one of the most beautiful terraces of Montreal, the Beatrice. It’s a lovely place, where Italian gastronomic classics are reinvented, always with a unique and delicious refined taste. The hanging lights, the green walls and the sumptuous bar are also part of the treat when you share a dinner at Beatrice. They also offer a very affordable lunch menu (3 course-meal for 25$)  on weekdays, that is not to be missed!



Drogheria Fine – 68 Fairmount W, Montréal, QC H2T 2M2

The Mile End is full of varied restaurants that will make you discover the world. On the other hand, quality is not always in the complexity and the Drogheria Fine is the perfect example. Located right next to Kem Coba, this restaurant is actually a small factory of classic Italian tomato sauce and serves you the most comforting dish of all, gnocchi. Through their window, you will be able to get a take-out box filled with potatoes pillows wrapped in tomato sauce, basil and garlic concocted by the nonna for more than ten years and only for 5$. A comforting dish that demonstrates that the simplest recipes made with fresh ingredients are often the best. Enjoy it on a romantic stroll through the pretty streets of the Mile-End for even more fun!



Portus360 – 777 Robert-Bourassa, Montréal, QC H3C 3Z7

Are you missing the sunny shores and salty flavors of Portugal? It’s at Portus360 that you have to go. This rotating restaurant offers a spectacular view of the entire city that is well worth the trip. Orchestrated by Chef Helen Loureiro, owner of the restaurant of the same name in the Old Port of Montreal, you’ll be treated like a king or a queen throughout your meal. Not usually a big fan of seafood, Max loved his experience, from octopus to razor shells! Everything was so fresh! We strongly suggest that you try the tasting menu for a complete Portuguese dining experience and to taste the best of their different daily arrivals! Complete your meal with a glass of wine from the house to celebrate with your better half! Cheers to you!



Enjoy your gastronomic getaway!

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