Celebrating love at Lake Como

by The Storytellers MTL

This photo was taken by two of our best friends Étienne Piché-Jutras (@erpj_) and Marjolaine Plourde (@marjoplourde) on their honeymoon in Italy.

After a sumptuous and warm wedding, they set out to conquer the most romantic country in the world to celebrate their union. Their trip was marked by incomparable sunsets, sweet romantic walks, dinners with a real Italian Nonna and lots of wine! One of their most beautiful memories is also their lovely moment at Lake Como.

“We felt privileged to be able to live this moment together after celebrating the most beautiful day of our lives. It was as if all the beauty of the world was offered to us with a truly breathtaking panorama and snow-capped mountains literally at a loss. During this moment, we realized how lucky we were to be able to live this kind of experience. It’s really for those moments that life is worth living, for sharing magical and intense experiences with the people we love. We will certainly keep memories of this trip all our lives. “

And you, what country do you dream to discover with your SO?

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