A living fairy tale in Quebec City

by The Storytellers MTL

Quebec is the kind of city where you can always discover something different even if you’ve been there dozens of times. From our winter carnivals memories, to nights out at Dagobert, to romantic getaways in the Petit Champlain, each visit is completely unique, but we admit that our last escapade was particularly marked by its magical side!




Royal treatment at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

Two weeks ago, we were fortunate to be welcomed in an enchanting and historic place in the heart of the Old Capital: the famous Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. As soon as we arrived, we were captivated by the hotel’s extraordinary decor. We felt immediately transported in a romantic, royal and contemporary atmosphere all at once. We also had the chance to have a complete visit  of the castle where we could explore the history of this mythical Quebec’s institution. From the sumptuous fairytale ballroom to the famous Pink Room where Churchill, Mackenzie King and Roosevelt discussed their strategy to end World War II, this journey back in time was more than fascinating.

After major renovations of 75 million $ in 2014, Château Frontenac, which celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2018, is still a symbol of elegance and unique refinement. Located in one of the most beautiful areas of the country with its spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River, its 611 rooms and suites all have a touch of European elegance with their grandiose moldings and their marble bathrooms. Everything was so magnificent that we thought we were in a dream. More than a hotel with ultimate comfort, this UNESCO World Heritage gem is a place where history and modernity go together and where time stops for a romantic stroll down the castle’s corridors just like in the surrounding streets. What more can you ask?




A fine gastronomic offer for all tastes and budgets

If winter is in full effect during your stay and you don’t want to go outside to have dinner, no problem! Fairmount Le Château Frontenac has everything you need to ensure you a successful evening, according to all tastes and budgets.

For a gourmet, romantic and luxurious dinner, you should try Le Champlain, the Château’s main restaurant under Stéphane Modat’s culinary direction. A neat menu where traditional flavors and our native roots mingle with the French cuisine perfectly. The impressive wine cellar is overlooked by a golden design piece representing the different volumes of the St. Lawrence River, recalling the origins of the creation of the Castle with brilliance. The restaurant also has a cheese cellar completely visible from the dining room where each cheese is stored according to its own temperature to ensure an idyllic meal every time.

For an evening that is just as enjoyable, but a bit more affordable, we suggest you to go to Bistro Le Sam. Whether it’s for their inventive cocktails, their warm and exquisite menu, their super friendly staff, the Gatsby atmosphere or the captivating decor inspired by a train wagon with its golden accents and navy velvet furniture, you’ll be transported completely elsewhere for a festive evening.




As for breakfast, it’s served at Place Dufferin where the view of Quebec City is just as magnificent. This section of the restaurant has been added to the initial architecture of the Château, so its walls are bordered by stone evoking the historic course of the establishment where was a former curling path in the 1930s.


Modernity and social responsibility

However, it’s not because the Château Frontenac blew their 125 candles last year that it’s old fashioned. Always on the lookout for environmental issues, the Fairmont Frontenac is the first tourist establishment in the Quebec City region to promote sustainable business practices by inviting guests staying 2 days or more to decline daily housekeeping visits. By reusing sheets and towels during your stay, you’ll help reduce the consumption of water, energy and household products. Château Frontenac then plants one tree per night in your name in the heart of Montmorency Forest. A beautiful initiative to preserve the planet!

A weekend at the Château is a real daydream and the ultimate place to be treated like a king or queen! What are you waiting for?


Village Vacances Valcartier or Winter Wonderland?

It’s much easier to enjoy winter when exploring an architectural gem like the Hôtel de Glace! Not being the greatest fans of the cold season, the discovery of this wintry paradise totally change the game and is definitely an addition to your to-do-list during your next trip to Quebec! Don’t worry, you can fill up on coffee, hot chocolate or even champagne to warm up a little during your visit! The bar is also located right next to the icy slide if you feel like finding your inner child for a moment.




A unique architecture in America

It had been so long since we wanted to visit the Hôtel de Glace and we were even more impressed than we could have imagine! It’s like being in Arendelle from the movie Frozen, right in the heart of the Quebec. We bet that you’ll be as excited as a 5 years old in front of this spectacular establishment! For true winter lovers, you can even celebrate your wedding in the chapel next to the hotel for an incomparable ceremony.

This year, it”s the theme of gardens that complements the magical decor of the 42 rooms of this iconic hotel structure. Unique in America, the Hôtel de Glace is only 20 minutes from Quebec City, so it’s the ultimate Nordic adventure to add to your next winter road trip until March 24th!




By purchasing a ticket for the entire Village Vacances Valcartier, you can also extend the pleasure by enjoying a day of tube slinding. If you are more cautious, opt for a night at the Hotel Valcartier and a moment of relaxation at the Bora Parc, a huge indoor water park with a wave pool. It’s the perfect remedy to winter’s greyness, you’ll feel like on vacation without the need to buy a plane ticket.

To escape your routine and feel on another continent or even in another world, the Fairmont Château Frontenac and the Village Vacances Valcartier are completely different but unique experiences that you must definitely add to your bucketlist!


*This article was written following a media invitation by the Fairmont Château Frontenac and Village Vacances Valcartier. This one is based on our own experience and our authentic opinions.



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