Simplicity is the key

by The Storytellers MTL

Everything does not always happen as expected whether it’s everyday or traveling.

During our trip to Costa Rica, we decided to go to Manuel Antonio National Park to enjoy the unique nature of the country. We had been told time and time again that it was a must and a simply beautiful place. However, our experience was different.

The beach was infested with raccoons and the sun was so hot that it was impossible to stay more than 15 minutes on the sand. No sun protection was available, except for the trees beneath the square, already well-inhabited by striped rodents. We walked out of the park feeling very disappointed and headed back for a three hour drive back to our Airbnb.

During the journey back, we stopped on the edge of the road to stretch our legs on a small hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The scenery was simply amazing. The sound of the waves coming crashing down on the rocks and the sun that was coming down gave us a wonderful sight. Then, straight out of nowhere, a large group of parrots flew above our heads. Watching them fly in pairs reminded us of how lucky we were to be able to travel together and experience magical moments like this. In an instant, our day took a new turn and we remembered that simplicity is often the key.

Another unexpected surprise awaited us before our return to Canada. After several days of hiking and driving across the country, we wanted to take things more slowly. Our host told us about an abandoned mine just minutes from our villa. Intrigued, so we decided to go take a look. We discovered a beautiful waterfall surrounded by greenery and plants. So we took off our shoes and did a bit of climbing to get wet in the water while sitting on a rock.

In life, the simplest and most spontaneous moments often become the most memorable. A simple mine abandoned for years can become a real oasis when nature decides to take possession of it.




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