Perfect imperfection in Lisbon

by The Storytellers MTL

During our trip to Lisbon, we decided to rent a small apartment in the south of the city through Airbnb. This is usually the method of accommodation we choose because it’s much cheaper than a hotel, more comfortable than a hostel and because it allows us to immerse ourselves more easily in the customs of the city we are visiting. we are visiting. Our host was very friendly and left us Nata pasteis and a bottle of port on arrival.

Our room overlooked on a typical Portuguese street, where the tram passed regularly. We did not need an alarm because the smell of small cafes nearby, the sounds of children playing in the street and the soft light passing between the curtains woke us naturally.

We took hundreds of photos during our stay in Portugal, but the one that we love the most was definitely the most perfect of our entire trip and it was taken right down the window of our apartment. This image reminds us that the simplest moments often make the most beautiful memories. Do not always complicate every little detail to try to make it perfect. You only have to appreciate and live each moment to the maximum to make it an unforgettable moment!

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